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GrandPrixGame Formula One Betting - How to Play

1. Instructions

1. Instructions

You must select which drivers will come 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th. To select the winning driver simply click on the image and the driver will automatically be placed in the 1st position.

Then click on who you think will finish 2nd. Continue choosing your drivers until you have filled all six positions, then click SAVE.

If you make a mistake, by clicking on UNDO you will clear your last chosen driver; by clicking on RESET you will clear the whole selection.

If you want to select another six drivers simply repeat the above!

When you have completed your selections click on SUMBIT. You will then be asked to complete the payment details.

Note that we do not insist on enrolling or registering, although in the coming weeks players will be given the freedom to store their details for future plays.

As we do not store any of your payment details and because we do not ask you to enroll or register or deposit funds into an e-wallet, we need to ensure that you are the registered credit or debit cardholder each time you play. Please enter your details carefully as any errors will mean your transaction may be declined.

When you have completed the payment details please click OK. The transaction will be checked and if correct you will be issued with a unique REFERENCE NUMBER for each selection you have made. The REFERENCE NUMBER is very important, as this is needed when you claim your prize. You will also need to remember the Player Identification Code (PIC) you chose on the payments screen.

After the Grand Prix, if you have all six drivers correctly placed you have won the GrandPrixGame Jackpot! To claim your prize simply go to the claims screen and enter your REFERENCE NUMBER and PIC for confirmation.

If no one correctly predicts the top 6 finishers the player who came closest with their prediction to the finishing top 6 will be awarded a £1000 cash prize. If 2 or more players come equally closest AND no one correctly predicts the top 6 finishers, those players will share the £1000 prize equally.

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