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* Last Race Rules *




Rules for the GrandPrixGame change slightly for the last race:
1. Rollover
As it is the last race, there can be no ROLLOVER! The Jackpot MUST go!

2. No. of Correctly Placed Cars
The Jackpot WILL go to the person with the most correctly placed cars. i.e. If there isn't a 6 car winner, the Jackpot will go to a 5 car winner. If there isn't a 5 car winner, the Jackpot will go to a 4 car winner... etc.

3. Vouchers
You can still use your FREE PLAY vouchers to enter the last GrandPrixGame of the season, so remember to use them up before the start of the race on the 16th October!

So quite simply, THE JACKPOT WILL BE WON! Remember you can enter as many times as you wish to increase your chances of winning the MOST EXCITING GRANDPRIXGAME OF THE SEASON!!
Good Luck!


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