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GrandPrixGame Sport Betting Rules

There are only a few important rules in the GrandPrixGame!

1. Players must choose which six drivers will finish in the top six positions and place them in the correct order.

2. The entire GrandPrixGame Jackpot is won by those players who correctly selected the top six drivers, and placed them in the correct order.

3. If no one correctly predicts the top 6 finishers the player who came closest with their prediction to the finishing top 6 will be awarded a £1000 cash prize. If 2 or more players come equally closest (i.e. have the same number of correct predictions) AND no one correctly predicts the top 6 finishers, those players will share the £1000 prize equally. This is except for the last race of the season when the last race rule is applied.

5. Players who correctly selected 3, 4 or 5 drivers may have won a runners' up prize

Full terms and conditions can be read by clicking here


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