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Feedback Page : Grand Prix Game

Have a look at some of the comments our players have sent back to us...

If you wish to send us any comments or suggestion, please send them to

Hey there Jon, thats great. I would like to have six free entries for the
Italian Gp. Had Juan not screwed up I think I could have been a winner.

That's great - I was on for the jackpot til Schuey went out!
I'll take 6 free games please as alreay get F1-live and besides they're our competitor.

Wow thanks for the news!
I'll take the three free entries to the GP game.

hi jon can i have the f1 live premium service please
b sowden

I choose the free use of the F1-Live Premium service for the 2006 season. Thanks for the nice prize!
Best Regards
J Makowka

Hi Jon,
Thanks for your e-mail.
I am pleased to have got 4 right.
I would like to take the 6 Free entries to GRandPrixGame option
(As I already have subscription to F1-Live from a previous win)
E Gamman

I'm enjoying the GrandPrixGame very much and look forward to playing again next time around.
If only I'd selected Button and Trulli too!!!
Kind regards, Anthony.

It's great to hear I have a prize, could I please have the free goes for the Italian grand prix thanks

thank you Jon for the runners up prize,I would like to choose the 3 free entries into the next grand prix game.

Thankyou very much, 5 cars correct - so near but yet so far eh?
We shall choose the 10 Free Entries for the next Grandprix Game.
Thanks again,
Brian and Roger/

This time I will take the 6 Free entries to the GrandPrixGame
Thank you
Kind regards,

Gee , that was close , as for the offer i choose to take 10 free entries to the next grandprix game. I guess better luck next time !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Y Mayat

It may be of interest to you, I run a group entry with some of my friends from work. We all work at Mercedes-Benz HighPerformanceEngines at Brixworth Nothants. We all play a part in providing McLaren with the best engine on the grid!


Dear Jon El Kadhi,
Thanks very much for your response, we are absolutely thrilled to win
the £250. It's marvelous!
Looking forward to receiving the cheque. Thanks again.
Brian (and Roger).

I thought "Special Offer for Turkey GP!" was very nice!

Winner from Japan...
Hi GrandPrixGame team,
Thank you for connection.
I look at your homepage and am a delightful feeling recently.
I like the 1,000 pounds roll over prize
Prize winner

Hi Jon
What a nice surprise, my home phone number is ******* and my mobile is ******, look forward to hearing from you.
C Finnis

Hello Michael Just to let you know that i recieved my cheque today safe and sound many thanks
I will carry on playing the game who knows !!!
Have Fun

I look forward to the Italy GP. I've told my brothers and some of my friends about your site. Lets hope I win before they do.
Thanks again.
D Milchard

Hi Jon,
I received the cheque this morning, thanks. I t arrived safe and secure, and I've just got back from buying a rather special new bicycle for £250!!
Thanks again Jon. Best wishes,

As you can imagine, I'm very happy about winning the runners up price.
My address is: *******
H Baiter

Many thanks Jon, I am delighted, if Ralf had overtaken Villeneuve I would have guessed 5 right! I look forward to receiving the cheque.
Thanks again
S Lehmann

If you wish to send us any comments or suggestion, please send them to

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