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* Grand Prix Facts & Figures *



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Check these facts and figures to improve your chances of winning the Jackpot. This data should cover everything you need to know to select the correct 6 drivers.

Grand Prix Facts & FiguresGrandPrixGame Stats
China Grand Prix 16 October 2005Analysis
Japan Grand Prix 09 October 2005Analysis
Brazil Grand Prix 25 September 2005Analysis
Belgium Grand Prix 11 September 2005Analysis
Italy Grand Prix 4 September 2005Analysis
Turkey Grand Prix 21 August 2005Analysis
Hungary Grand Prix 31 July 2005Analysis
German Grand Prix 24 July 2005Analysis
British Grand Prix 10 July 2005Analysis
France Grand Prix July 03 2005Analysis
USA Grand Prix June 19 2005Analysis
Canada Grand Prix June 12 2005Analysis
Europe Grand Prix May 29 2005 Analysis
Monaco Grand Prix May 22 2005Analysis
Spanish Grand Prix May 08 2005 Analysis
San Marino Grand Prix April 24 2005 Analysis
Bahrain Grand Prix April 03 2005 
Malaysian Grand Prix March 20 2005  


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